The plinth of my dreams…

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Here I present you the next plinth that I will have. It’s the only one that can permit to treat the muscular chains (myofascial lines) and OMT approach.
Furthermore it has a peripheral lever to elevate the height of the couch wherever you are. I’ve tested the firts version of this table. The only difference with this one is that it has got only one body, then is not possible to treat patients in sitting position. But the solidity of these couches are enviable.
I promise you that you can sit in the corner of both tables and any movement or instability appears.
Best product ever test. French made.
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  1. tartalo  marzo 30, 2009

    mister Fernandooo!! que tal crack!??

    Buscando un curso de Mulligan me he encontrau con tu blog. No tenia ni idea que tenias este chiringuito montau…jejej!!

    Bien bien, veo que siguees creciendo, a darle fuerte a la TMNO!

    Un abrazo.



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